Let the Bot 🤖
Do your Job.

A bot is an automated program that is made with the sole
purpose of solving complex issues on the net and providing
the user with satisfactory results when and where necessary.

What are Chatbots 🤖💬?

A computer program that is capable of engaging in human interactions and meaningful conversations with the clients of a company with the help of a messaging interface is termed as a Chatbot. You can always type in your queries or click on different tabs as per your requirement but asking your questions and getting prompt replies is a bonus. Asking questions in simple conversational style like, “What movies are scheduled for tonight?” or “What is the score in the finals?” to a Chabot and getting accurate, favourable answers is far more productive for a company that wants to add a bit of personal touch in their customer query handling wing. These automated instant messaging programs can be found in every leading portalis like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

  • Get information about movie showtimes or theater locations or Book Movie ticket.
  • Get Live News Updates
  • Get answers to health-related questions.
  • Get live scores and stats of your favourite team
  • Order food or find a recipe.

Bots for Messenger

The rise in the popularity of instant messaging apps led to the point where the global user base of such software crossed the 1 billion active user mark recently.
This new generation of digital tools enables brands both new and old to communicate with their clients in a more efficient way that comes at a reduced cost in terms of operation and maintenance. Technological firms and the retail industry have been engaged in constant experimentations with artificial intelligence (Chatbots). P9 Labs is capable of providing you with automated messaging applications customer support service in the online food ordering sector, e-tail sector etc.

  • Sell your Products
  • Order Food/Taxi/Hotels
  • Customer Support
  • and much more...

Twitter Bots

Twitter is a popular platform that has an estimated 313 million users worldwide. Why not use the same platform for promoting your business and establish long lasting relationships with your existing and prospective clients? We can provide you with custom made Twitter bots that ensures speedy cutomer service by quickly responding to incoming customer queries via direct messaging and prompt replies.

  • Tweets on your behalf
  • Retweets
  • Replies to Direct message
  • Handles Customer Support queries
  • and much more...

Telegram Bots

Telegram is comparatively a new kid in the block. With a global user base of about 100 million+ active monthly users, it is a promising start if you want to test out our capabilities as a provider of functional bots. Equipped with advanced features that ooze Artificial Intelligence, our Telegram bots are capable of playing, teaching, connecting and integrating complex business boosting decisive actions.

  • Book Taxi
  • Order Food
  • Automated Customer Support
  • Educational Bots
  • Send Alerts
  • Contact Form Bot
  • Multilingual Bots

Artificial intelligence is growing up fast,
as are robots whose facial expressions can
elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver.

-Diane Ackerman